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IFA Northeast Announces New Board and Initiatives

The IFA Northeast recently announced the new composition of its officers and board. As the IFA Northeast Chapter celebrates its second anniversary, it is gearing up for its third year and going forward. Since its inception, the IFA Northeast has hosted several workshops on varying topics throughout NY, NJ and PA and participated jointly with NYIC and ABI for educational and networking events. The IFA Northeast will be sending a survey to all its members asking for input regarding types of educational programs, training, topics, networking...opportunites to enhance membership. For full press release, please click here.



This book defines factoring - the way it works, how smart businesses use it, and which businesses fit well. Real examples are provided based on Robinn’s 17 years of experience with her clients and their success with factoring.  Factoring fee cost justification, benefit analysis showing how almost everyone that obtains working capital with factoring makes more money for the business! A business owner will understand whether they need a factor, and what they need to know to choose the right factor for their business.  

If a business obtains cash within 24 hours of delivering products or services, how possible would it be to grow and prosper? Factoring is a financial tool that helps enable businesses to be in a position to dream big, go far, reach higher.

For more information or to purchase the book, please email

IFA Northeast 2nd Executive Roundtable Retreat at Hilton Short Hills Big Success

Most recently, the IFA Northeast held its 2nd Executive Roundtable Retreat that featured a presentation from the Corporation Service Company (CSC) that addressed blind deals and how to close deals in the first position. Bob Grbic of Capital Business Credit led a presentation on lending, which segued into a highly interactive, educational roundtable discussion on merchant cash advance vs. factoring, UCC filings, BDO’s vs. online sales and business retention. Attendees, which were comprised of business owners, lawyers and top officers from the factoring industry took away implementable best practices results. If you would like to join a committee, please email us at



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